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Michele Mosco.

Content Developer, Writer, Editor, Artist

Currently teaching full-time in the Technical Writing and Communication department of Arizona State University, I was awarded ASU's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Outstanding Faculty award in 2021.  I am a versatile writer and editor who has worked on everything from crafting a marketing brochure for a dog pooper-scooper business to ghostwriting a real estate book to editing a 700-page dissertation on the statistical significance of value-added evaluations. I am adept at crafting effective marketing content for social media platforms.   

I have always been addicted to text.  I remember a road trip (in a wood-paneled station wagon) when I was about 10 and driving through scenic West Virginia.  I was reading a book.  My dad scolded me to "look out the window" instead of reading.  

But I also love graphics, so any place where text and graphics intersect is heaven for me.  Graphic design and web design are two of these locales but I've also been working in the graphic novel format (for lack of a better term). 

And then there's storytelling with data graphics....need I say more?


Estrella Mountain Community College Day of Learning 2020
If You Want Students to Watch Informational Videos Outside of Class, You Need Playposit    PPT           PDF    

Arizona Library Association Annual Conference 2019
Staying Legal: Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain    PDF  

Arizona Library Association Annual Conference 2019
A Look at Mental Health as Portrayed in Graphic Novels   PDF  



Invited book review of "Professional development for in-service teachers: Research and practices in computing education." Teachers College Record. 2023, September.    PDF  
Mosco, M., & Amrein-Beardsley, A. Influencing young women to pursue creative information technology careers. In N. T. Nasr, & J. A. Perry (Eds)., Contemporary perspectives through action research across educational disciplines: The K-12 classroom. Information Age Publishing. 2023.
Parish History Timeline. Aquinas Parish Neighbors. 2022, January.
My Experience with the Bereavement Ministry. Aquinas Parish Neighbors. 2021, November.
STA Guadalupanos. Aquinas Parish Neighbors. 2021, November.
Endorsement for Writing and Editing for Digital Media 4th edition by Brian Carroll. 2020.
Copyright and Plagiarism: An Analysis of Technical Communication Textbooks.  Technical Communication, 68(2), 87-102.  2021.     PDF    
How Companies Steal Your Attention, in graphic novel format, was created as a public service piece.    PDF    


Two Librarians: This is What I Do, in graphic novel format, documents the differences between school librarians and teen services public librarians.     PDF  
Getting the Information Graphically. Arts & Activities Magazine, 2005, p. 44.  PDF  
It's Art Trivia Time. School Arts Magazine, 2004. 
Collaboration is the Key. Arizona Library Association Newsletter, 2004, Nov.

Current and Recent Courses


Arizona State University
TWC 451/551 Copyright & Intellectual Property in a Digital Age   PDF   
TWC 301 Fundamentals of Writing with Digital Media    PDF  
TWC 214 Storytelling with Data    PDF  
TWC 401/501 Fundamentals of Technical Communication    PDF  

Estrella Mountain Community College
CIS 132  HTML/CSS    PDF  
CIS 133DA  Internet/Web Development     PDF  
CIS 114DE  Excel    PDF  
CIS 214DE  Advanced Excel    PDF  
CIS 117DE  Access Database Management    PDF  
CIS 105  Survey of Computer Information Systems    PDF  

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